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What’s New | August 26, 2022

Custom Widgets

Your organization is unique and so is your BizMerlinHR dashboard!  Besides all the selection of existing widgets, now you can design your own custom tiles with desired title and content and add them to your dashboard!

Auto Submit Timesheets

Now you can automate the submission of timesheets across the organization! Define the number of days after which timesheets will be automatically submitted and you can leave the chasing and reminding behind!
Site admins can go to: Setup menu > Calendars, Timesheets & PTO/Leave > Timesheets > Automatic Timesheet Submission

Read more about timesheets: https://www.clayhr.com/time-attendance/

See Status of PTO/Leave Requests

On the newly updated leave request home page, you can see the current status of the PTO/leave request and also who has/has not yet approved the leave.

Read more about employee PTO: https://www.clayhr.com/employee-pto-leave-management/

Feedback Sentiment

You can always see the feedback you received from a teammate or colleague, but now you can also see the sentiment behind it.  Just click on the “robot” icon! This cool new feature has endless use cases,  you can read more about performance feedback at: https://www.clayhr.com/instant-feedback/

Sorted Leave Policies

If an employee has many leave policies assigned to them, the system now automatically sorts the leave policies and provides you the option to search.  Yet another example of a self-adjusting HR system that automatically adjusts to the data and presents the data in the most efficient manner.

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