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What's New | June 12, 2023

Track and Monitor Goals Anytime, Anywhere with Our Mobile Apps

Stay on top of your goals with our latest addition to the mobile application!

Now you can effortlessly track your goals or your employees' goals using our user-friendly mobile application. Wherever you may be, you will never miss a beat as you can see all the real-time updates in the mobile application and stay well-informed about your or your team's progress. You can gain valuable insights that keep you focused and driven toward achieving your objectives.

Download our iOS & Android applications to experience how you can effortlessly track your goals, gain valuable insights, and stay on track toward your vision.

Drive Ownership: Import Objectives to Performance Reviews and Check-ins

This new enhancement will enable you to unlock greater productivity and gain valuable insights during performance reviews and check-ins.  Setting specific objectives can help you understand what is expected of you, allowing you to prioritize your work and focus on the key aspects that contribute to your performance and the organization's goals. Adding individual objectives in your performance reviews and check-ins can serve as a solid foundation for measuring your performance. It ensures that assessments are fair and based on predetermined goals and objectives. Regular feedback and discussions can revolve around these objectives, allowing you to stay motivated, make necessary adjustments, and receive guidance to improve your performance.

Enhance Your Survey Experience: Fill Surveys with Unparalleled Convenience using ClayHR Mobile Application

ClayHR Surveys empower you to acquire reliable and insightful data that drives your decisions and contributes to successful outcomes. You can effortlessly create surveys for both your internal employees and external candidates, all conveniently located in one place through a web application. Now, take advantage of the convenience of filling out surveys on the go, directly from your mobile device. Seamlessly access and complete surveys anytime, anywhere, offering you greater flexibility and unparalleled convenience. This enhancement not only makes it easier to track and improve your survey efforts, but it also enhances your overall user experience.

Effortless Employee Compensation: Suggest Compensation Update from Performance Review Results

Determining appropriate employee compensation based on performance can be complex and time-consuming. To simplify this process, now you have the ability to suggest compensation right from the performance review results page. This streamlines the process, saves time, and ensures that compensation aligns with your specific needs. You also have the flexibility to decide whether the system should make recommendations. Simply toggle the switch on if you wish to see it on your performance review.

To switch the toggle on, go to Gear/Settings Icon > Goals & Performance Management > Performance Review Management > Toggle on "Allow system to generate compensation recommendations based on the final score"

Simplify Your Compensation Management with ClayHR's Clutter-Free Menu

With ClayHR, you have access to a compensation management module specifically designed to streamline your entire compensation cycle, ensuring that your employee rewards are fair and consistent.  Effortlessly manage your employees' compensation plans while avoiding unnecessary distractions. With the introduction of a separate menu, your focus can remain solely on the task at hand. This streamlined approach empowers you to efficiently handle salary adjustments, bonuses, incentives, and more without any unnecessary clutter diverting your attention.

Access and Modify Salary Information from Position View Page

We have improved the user interface and navigation for a position page, and now, you can find the salary information in the information tab on the position view page, immediately following the skills section.  This UI change provides you with the convenience of adding, updating, or deleting salary details directly from the position view page.

Personalize Your App Menu for Your Unique HR Needs

At ClayHR, we prioritize meeting your specific HR requirements. That's why we're excited to announce our new feature that empowers you to personalize your App menu. With this customization option, you have the freedom to tailor the ClayHR platform according to your unique needs. Whether it's labeling menu items to match your preferences or aligning them with your organization's terminology, this feature ensures smoother navigation and boosts productivity for all your HR processes.

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