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What’s New | September 23, 2022

Improved Candidate Recommendations

It’s no secret that finding the perfect candidate takes days. ClayHR simplifies this process by giving system recommendations (such as positive, neutral, and negative) to hire candidates based on the assessment score.

Help Text Styling in Form Creation

ClaynHR’s digital forms eliminate the need to chase employees and allow you to delegate all of your forms in one place. HR professionals always aim to design simple, appealing forms that are easy to fill. The new help text layout allows you to do it precisely! Now that you have another option, your forms can be more visually attractive and less cluttered.

New Org-Chart Visualization – Horizontal View

ClayHR’s auto-generated org chart feature displays user records as neatly structured org charts. When a user is added to or removed from an org unit, the dynamic org chart automatically updates. You can see every minute detail with the help of Tree and Hybrid views. However, when you have numerous levels, the horizontal view comes in handy, which gives both excellent readability and a pleasing appearance. Indeed, you can always switch between the views with a click.

Easier Clock-in/out from Homepage

Clock-in/out and time tracking is always one of the noticeable features of ClayHR. You need not go to “My Timesheets” to clock-in/out. You can now quickly complete it from the home screen. In turn, it saves more time.

Read more about timesheets here

Gather Feedback using Public Surveys

Surveys have been a core part of BizMerlinHR’s Voice of Employee system.  HR practitioners want to create engaging surveys that are both easy to fill, and easy on the eyes.  Now you can send a survey to a potential customer/prospect (an external user) to get feedback or collect information. This allows you to collect all the responses within the BizMerlinHR.

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