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Discover How Assessment Scales are Created and Used in ClayHR

Assessment Scale plays a crucial role in quantifying metrics effectively. ClayHR provides the flexibility to design or use customized assessment scales based on department, organization, location, or role. Choices encompass thumbs up/down, red-yellow-green indicators, 5-point, 10-point scales, or you can create your own custom scale. 

Assessment scales include minimum and maximum ranges, along with visual elements and different colors for each range value to improve individual performance evaluation.The assessment scale can be visualized in 4 types: Slider, Text Box, Drop-down, and Radio Button.

Different ways to build your Assessment Scale Gallery

  • Numeric gradient scales (example: 1-10, 0-5)
  • Narrative gradient scales (example: Needs Improvement, Satisfactory)
  • Frequency scales (example: 1-1.9 => Unsatisfactory, 4-4.9 => Highly Effective)
  • Red-Amber-Green scales (example: 0=>Red, 5=>Green)

How to Create an Assessment Scale?

Learn about the creation of various assessment scales here.

Where and How Assessment Scales Are Used?

Assessment scales are used in the following modules in ClayHR:

  • Performance Reviews
  • Goals
  • Skills
  • Hiring
  • Check Ins

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