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Check-ins: A new philosophy for performance reviews

Check-In is a way to perform one-to-one communication within the organization. Using this feature, the supervisor can set up one to one meetings with their team members. The importance of check-in is to form a two-way communication channel so that the supervisor and employee can exchange thoughts, provide mentorship, and tutoring. It, in turn, helps to form a stronger bond between them. Check-Ins generated by the supervisor in ClayHR provide a paperless solution to open this channel. Whenever a new check-in is created an automated notification (via e-mail) is sent to the employee so that he is informed. The employee is provided with the link to redirect directly to the check-in page where they can start the check-in process. This feature facilitates users with real-time communication so they can exchange thoughts on the go. These chats are saved for future analysis and re-reading purposes.

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