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Creating and Supporting Your Organizational Culture


14 March, 2024 @ 12 PM ET



"Organizational culture is the heartbeat of a company, shaping its identity, values, and overall environment. Crafting a robust culture isn't just about buzzwords and slogans; it's about cultivating an ecosystem where values resonate, behaviors align, and individuals thrive. In this guide, we'll delve into the art of creating and nurturing an organizational culture that fosters unity, innovation, and sustained success. From understanding the core components that define culture to implementing strategies that support and evolve it, let's explore how to build a culture that becomes the cornerstone of your organization's identity and success."

Learning Objectives

  • Understanding the fundamentals of organizational culture and its impact on employee engagement and productivity.
  • Identifying key components that shape and define a company's culture, including values, behaviors, and communication styles.
  • Exploring strategies for intentionally shaping and cultivating a positive and inclusive organizational culture.
  • Gaining insights into practical methods for assessing and measuring the effectiveness of an existing organizational culture.
  • Discovering best practices and actionable steps to support and reinforce a healthy and vibrant culture within your organization.

Who Should Attend?

  • Business Leaders and Executives
  • Human Resources and Talent Management Professionals
  • Managers and Team Leaders
  • Employees and Staff Members
  • Consultants and Change Management Specialists

Why Attend?

Attending the webinar on Creating and Supporting Organizational Culture offers leaders strategic insights, HR professionals talent refinement, and managers collaborative strategies. Employees gain culture-driven work understanding, while consultants and entrepreneurs learn transformative tactics. With actionable strategies and real-world examples, it's a vital investment for workplace improvement.

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Creating and Supporting Your Organizational Culture

Amrinder Arora

Creating and Supporting Your Organizational Culture

Brittany Fountain

Creating and Supporting Your Organizational Culture

Divya Kalra

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