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ClayHR | JIRA Integration

ClayHR provides the ability to integrate the Client's task Management system i.e. JIRA with ClayHR. With this integration, clients can continue to use their task management system for their reporting/other purposes and on the same time can still leverage the PTO approval flow capabilities in ClayHR for their Approval/Rejection process. Once the PTO/Leaves are approved from ClayHR, the same hours will be logged under the respective JIRA tasks of the user in their task management system. Follow the below steps to Setup the ClayHR | JIRA Integration to enable the users to log their absence hours in the respective JIRA tasks on PTO Approvals.

  • Go to the Setup Icon-> JIRA ADMINSTRATION> Applications. Select Application links from the left menu.
  • Enter URL,, and click on Create new link. Ignore warning "No response was received from the URL you entered". Click on Continue.
  • On the first screen of the Link applications dialog, enter the values as shown in the snapshot below.
  • Make sure to tick the Create incoming link checkbox.
  • The next screen of the Link applications dialog is where you enter the consumer details for the sample client. Set it to the following values:○ Consumer key = Provided in email Consumer name = JIRA PTO app Public key = Provided in email Consumer Callback URL = Provided in email ● Click Continue.

Once the setup in JIRA is done, the users in ClayHR needs to be assigned with their respective JIRA tasks under the PTO assignment table.

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