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Consolidate Performance Reviews from different Reviewers into Results (Admins)

Consolidate performance reviews from different reviewers into final or interim results  (Screenshots below)

  1. Start from the top Menu “Performance” and click on “All Reviews” under “Performance Reviews” column
  2. Select the performance review that needs to be consolidated.  You can find it by the employee name, the department and the period of performance.
  3. Click on “Consolidate Reviews” button.  This brings up the next page, and you can still edit the final values in the next steps.
  4. Edit scores and comments into a final version. Please, note that for every metric, only comments include in the section labeled as “Final” are shared in the consolidated version.  To include individual comments in the consolidated version, there are some options and shortcuts available:
  5. Copy individual reviewers’ comments in bulk for all metrics at once (click the link available at the top right of the consolidation page)
  6. Copy individual reviewers’ comments metric by metric (for every metric, click on the link under the final comments box)
  7. Anonymously or with Reviewers’ names: You can choose whether the reviewers’ names are displayed or not before their corresponding comments.
  8. When you are ready, you can click on the “Consolidate Reviews” button.  If you need more time to deliberate, you can also use the “Consolidate Later” option.
  9. Once the review has been consolidated, you can review  the final version and  click on the “publish”  button  at  the  top  right  of  the  screen.

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