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Creating, Tracking, Assigning Goals and more!

Track Your Goals – Anytime, Anywhere!

1. Create “Goals” in ClayHR

  • Go to the top menu “Goals” under Performance and click on “My Goals,” then click on the “+” on the top-right to create a New Goal.
  • Fill in the mandatory fields of goal details.
  • Set the “Begin Date” and “Target date” of the goal.
  • You can also set goals “Reviewer” and “Collaborators”.
  • Click on the “Save Goal” button.
  • Once you click on “Save Goal”, the Assignee/Reviewer/Collaborator will receive a notification with all details for the goal. They will also receive notifications every time the goal is updated.

2. Who can create Goals?

To create goals for oneself, a user with the “Goal Manage for Oneself” permission is required.

If a user has the “Goal Manage for Others” permission, they can also create goals for other users.

3. Update your goals progress

  1. You can update the progress that has been achieved so far. Go to the top menu “Goals” and click on the sub-menu “My Goals”. Select the goal you want to update by clicking on the name. A new window will open. You will find a goal progress slider that you can drag to the desired point.
  2. Once you update your goal, a notification will be sent to you and to the person assigned to review the goal.


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