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Define the context of your organization

Define the context of your organization

Before you start creating/importing your team members' details page or User Record ('users' in BizMerlin), we recommend that you define a couple of details that are specific to your organization so they are ready when you fill in the information/details in the details page and other BizMerlin modules.[Defining these items in advance is recommended but optional, and can always be defined and/or edited after at your convenience]The details we recommend you set up first, are:

  • "User Profile": User Profile refers to the main function or level a person has in an organization. Some examples are: junior developer, senior salesperson, manager.
  • "User Role": Only relevant in the context of Project Allocation. Skip this step if you are not ready for Allocations yet.- User Roles are used in the context of projects. Regardless of what profile a user has (developer, sales person, etc), he or she can play different roles in different projects
  • "Department":  Only relevant to define an individual department in which he/she is working in.
  • "Company Location": Only relevant if it is important for you to track where your employees are located: cities, branches, etc.

To learn more about the difference between "User Profile" | "User Role" | "User Group" , please, click here.If you prefer to go ahead and create user's records right away, please, go here.

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