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How to get Active Users List from ClayHR API using Postman

To get Active Users List from ClayHR API using Postman API

Follow the following steps to get the Active Users list using Postman API –

  1. URL –
  2. Set Request type – GET
  3. Add URL to Postman API:
  1. Get Authorization API key (also called x-API-key) from User Profile and scroll down to My Integrations and then to Manage API keys and finally click on Generate API key. Also, users need to get userid from the URL of the User Profile page as shown in the screenshot below:
  1. Set HTTP Header Authorization: (key-value pair)
    a. Authorization: {“x-API-key”: “8W8ZRE4CNXMRST8MXXXX”}
    b. userid: {110XXX}
    c. Content-Type: application/JSON
  2. Set HTTP Headers in Postman API and hit Send:
  1. JSON Response received (Users List – default status – Active Users):
  1. URL Request parameters:


Page number and Page size:

  • Request:

Active/Inactive users(status – A = Active; I = Inactive):

  • Request:


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