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Import PTO Balances through an Excel file

ClayHR allows you to import PTO balances through an Excel file (download a sample file here).

Following are the steps to import PTO balances for different users for different PTO policies:

  1. Go to the “gear icon” and select the “Calendars, Timesheets & PTO/Leave” option.
  1. Click on the Import PTO balances in the PTO/Leave Management section.
  1. Click on “Choose file” to upload the excel file from the system.
  1. Here is a brief explanation of the excel file:
    a. The supported headers are Email, PolicyName, Balance, and BalanceDate.
    b. All the titles should be placed in the top row of the excel file.
    c. Email: It should be the email of the users for whom the balance needs to be updated/uploaded.
    d. PolicyName: It should be the name of the PTO/leave policy. Make sure that the policy name is exactly the same as the name defined for Leave Policy in the system.
    f. Balance: It defines the PTO balance that you want to provide to the user and the balance should be in numeric value only.
    g. BalanceDate: It specifies the date to which the PTO balance is uploaded and will be the user’s current available leave balance. The balance date column should be of date type.

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