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Insightly-ClayHR Integration

Please, follow the following steps to setup your ClayHR integration with Insightly CRM

   Part 1: Link ClayHR and Insightly CRM

  1. Getting information from Insightly CRM:
  2. Sign into your account on and click the profile icon in Insightly and select User Settings.
  3. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and copy the API key, which is a long string of characters.
  4. Linking Insightly CRM in your ClayHR account:
  1. Go to the top right “Setup” menu and scroll down and click on “Third Party Integrations”: Setup-> Third Party Integrations
  2. On the Third Party Integrations page, click on the button “New Integration” and choose “Insightly”.
  3. Fill API key that is taken from your Insightly CRM account.

Part 2:  Pull your tasks from Insightly CRM into ClayHR

This ClayHR- Insightly CRM Integration allows you to create your goals directly from Insightly CRM into ClayHR.

  1. In ClayHR, go to the top menu “Goals” and click “My Goals/My Archived Goals/All Goals” menu item.
  2. Then you can see “Pull from Insightly CRM” button on the left corner of the page if you have configured Insightly CRM in Third Party Integrations.
  3. Clicking on the button will create all your Goals from Insightly CRM into ClayHR except those, which are already imported from Insightly CRM into ClayHR.

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