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Integrate Slack with ClayHR

Integrate your ClayHR account with Slack to get notified about new leave requests requiring your approval, Approve/Reject leave requests with a simple click, Details of New joinee & Announcements to receive real-time updates about what’s happening within your organization.

Enabling the Slack Integration couldn’t be easier:

Please follow the below-mentioned steps for availing Slack chat notifications :

  1. Login in to your administrative account at https://yourdomain.clay.net/rm
  1. From the dashboard go to the setup menu (gear icon at the top right of the screen) and navigate to Third Party Integrations.
  1. Next, search for the “slack chat” integration option from the search bar (at top right). If unavailable, please follow the steps mentioned in the article: http://www.clayhr.com/articles/slack-chat-clayhr-integration
  1. At the slack chat page, make sure that the auth token is available.  If not, click on “Edit Account”, add the Auth token from there, and hit “Save  Integration”.
  1. Here, you can see two options, Slack Integration Setup and Add to Slack button. Click on “Slack Integration Setup”.

You can now toggle the on/off notification configurations from here and set the slack public channel to get the notifications there.

For example, here we will select the “new_joinings” channel to get the notification whenever a new user is created in our software.

After setting the notification configurations, make sure to hit that “Save Integration Setup” button to save the required changes.

  1. Go back to the previous page. By clicking on the “Add to Slack” button, you initiate the process of installing ClayHR to your workspace. You can select your slack workspace from the top right corner and install the app by permitting the app at your workspace.
  1. And that’s it, now open the slack or use slack in the browser with the newly installed ClayHR app.
  1. You can now get notifications from the app in your workspace.

Benefits of Integration:

New Leave Request

With this feature, you will receive Notifications on slack whenever a new leave request is created on ClayHR.

Notifications will be received on the same channel which was selected during configuration.

The person who is authorized to approve or reject the leave request will also get a personal direct message on slack with the approve/reject button to process that leave.

On Approving or Rejecting the leave request, its status will be updated in a direct message and the approve/reject buttons will disappear.

If the leave(s) have more than one approval level, then a new slack message will be sent to the concerned user with approve/reject buttons.

If we check for the same on ClayHR, the leave request status will be updated according to the action performed by the user on slack.

New User Creation

Whenever a new user is created in the software, we will receive a notification on the slack channel selected in the configuration page, containing the user name, position, and contact information of the newly created user.

We can also review that user by clicking on the link at the bottom, “Review in ClayHR”.

New Announcement creation

On creating new announcements, we will receive notifications on the slack channel regarding the same.

For more information about our privacy practices, please review our privacy policy: https://www.clayhr.com/policies/privacy-policy

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