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Multiple Time Cards

An overview of how to create multiple time cards according to the date range and all the functionalities, preferences, and validations used for developing this module.

Navigating to Multiple View

  • The user can navigate to multiple time card view by navigating to People-> My Time Cards as shown below:
Multiple Timeards

The user has the option to select a monthly/weekly view for creating timecards.

  • The “Add Time Cards by week” this option will lead the user to the respective page where the user can create timecards for the whole current week.
  • And “Add Time Cards by month” will lead the user to a page where he/she can create time cards for the whole current month.
Multiple timecards
Multiple timecards

Select Date Range

  • The user can select any date range for creating time cards.
Multiple Timecards

Time Card Creation

  • The user can enter the project, activity type, regular/overtime, billable/non- billable, and time fields for creating time cards for a particular date.
  • The time can be entered in the form of hours and minutes. For example, adding time as 0.30 depicts 30 minutes and 2.30 depicts 2 hours 30 minutes.
Multiple Timecards

Displays Current Time Cards

  • The user can also view all the previously added time cards for the date range selected according to the project and time.
Multiple Timecards

Copy Time Card from Previous Days

  • The previous day's time cards(from the date range selected) will be copied to the current week and will be displayed as a suggestion to the user with the project selected and time set to zero.
  • For example, if the user selects date ranges from Monday to Sunday, then the previous week’s time cards will be copied to the current week up to the current date
  • If a time card is already created for that particular date, then it will not be copied.
Multiple Timecards

New Row for Time Cards

  • The user has the option to add a new row for adding time cards.
  • If the user wants to select any other details which are different from the previously shown time cards, then the user can click on the “Add Row” link to generate a new row for that.
Multiple Timecards

Total Time

  • The total time will be shown to the user, date-wise, and project wise according to the time entered. The total time will be shown according to the hours and minutes.
  • For example, 2.25 depicts 2 hours 25 minutes.

Time Validation

  • The user will not be able to add time cards whose time is greater than 24 hours for each day.
Multiple Timecards

Backdate Time Card Preference

  • If a user tries to enter time cards for the back dates, they will be prompted to enter the reason for it. (based on customer preference)
Multiple Timecards
Backdated Timecards

Future Time Card Preference

  • Based on the customer preference of future dates, the user will not be allowed to create time cards for the future dates.
  • The time field for future dates will be disabled.
Future Timecards

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