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Roster Management

ClayHR’s Roster Management feature allows you to manage the shifts of the users. You can manage their shifts by following the below-mentioned steps:

  1. Go to the “Projects” module and click on the “Roster Management” section.
  1. A list of all users with their allocated shifts will appear on the Roster Management page.
  1. You can also apply the “Location”, and “Org-Unit” filters to view the user of a specific Location or specific Org Unit.
  1. By selecting the calendar icon or the forward and backward arrows, you can see the past and upcoming shifts of the users.
  1. You can allocate the shifts to the users by clicking on the cells, a popup will appear on the screen, fill up the required fields like start and end time of the shift.
  1. You can allocate the shifts to the users from the recommended shifts.
  1. You can select the shift’s color and add the comments while allocating the shifts.
  1. You can make the shift as “OT” by clicking on the “Overtime” checkbox
  1. You can allocate a day as non-working to the user by clicking on the “Other non-working” checkbox.
  1. After allocating the shift click on the “Save New Shift” button. You can view the saved shift on the “My Roster” page. 

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