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Audit Tracking

Audits are an inevitable component of a company's risk-management strategy

Audit Tracking

Audits are an inevitable component of a company’s risk-management strategy. It assesses quality processes to help identify and manage potential issues. In ClayHR, you can examine all of the job profiles that have been revised.

Version history - Keep an eye on every movement

Audits are time-stamped records that contain a chronological list of activities that occurred in a system with the purpose of providing proof of “who did what,” and “what happened when.”

Multiple views - Table view and Comparison view

View the version history of your job profiles in detail.
ClayHR gives you two options for enlarged viewing. One of them is the table view, which allows you to compare different versions by switching to the comparison view.

Prove Compliance

If you work in an industry with a compliance framework that requires some form of data logging (such as HIPAA, GDPR, or FedRAMP) then logs aren’t just advantageous–they are necessary for operations.

Improve Security

When we have access to time-stamped records of activities, it is much easier to investigate problems in organizational security. We would be relying on human memory and trust if we didn’t have them, which isn’t always the most reliable and will leave us second-guessing what really happened most of the time.

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