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Finance Company in the UK

Industry            -        Finance

Location           -        United Kingdom

Employees       -        101 to 250

Modules            -        Performance Review System,
                                   Core HCM.

About Our Client

Our client, one of the United Kingdom’s leading venture capital firms, with a number of employees ranging from 101-250 required a streamlined and straightforward process to precisely track staff performance, time, and attendance.

No streamlined process for employee performance

The employees were working, putting in their best efforts but all their contributions were going unnoticed as the organization needed a designated structure to note the performance of the employees. This leads to failure in employee performance and retention.

Irregular PTO Management

Without regular PTO, the HR team was facing the challenge of unscheduled absences of employees. This further impacted the productivity of the organization as a whole. The fellow members were unaware as to who was on leave. Also, there was no record of which employee took how many leaves.

Lack of awards & recognition

Since there was no aligned method/process to evaluate the performance of the employees, no employee was appreciated or rewarded for their value addition to the organization. Henceforth, affects productivity at personal as well as professional levels.

Performance reviews – check-ins, feedback, and kudos

ClayHR provides a complete and comprehensive performance management solution for organizations to feature intuitive performance reviews and quick goal management and instant feedback.

Core HCM Solution

ClayHR’s core HCM module provides a structured layout for organizational managers to seamlessly integrate and manage their employee information. The HR managers don’t have to struggle as they get an easy and accurate leave management system with streamlined approval flows having advanced reporting within it.

ClayHR’s comprehensive solution helps the organization to create a streamlined and smooth process of working.  

  1. The organization did not have any designed approval flow for the leave requests of the employees. But with ClayHR’s core HCM solution, the HR team was able to manage the leaves of the employees with ease. Any employee who requests a leave automatically notifies the immediate reporting managers for approval. According to the designed approval flow the leave requests are rejected or approved. This contributed to saving a good amount of time for the HR managers and the employees as everything got automated with ClayHR.
  2. The HR team at Novastar did not have any streamlined process to manage the performance of the employees. But, with ClayHR, it became easier for the concerned managers to keep a track of the employee’s performance at regular intervals of time. Also, the employees who were good at their work are awarded and recognized for their contributions to the organization regularly as the whole record of their goals and performance was recorded in ClayHR’s automated solution.

Current Stage of HR Maturity

Following ClayHR’s core HCM and performance management system, the HR managers and the employees at the organization are at ease.

All the activities at the organization are now being done by following a certain streamlined process. Every member of the organization observes a seamless and aligned way of working including the organizational managers and the employees.

Any new employee that joins the organization experiences a very seamless and smooth functioning without any mess and discrepancy in data recording and maintenance.

In addition to this, any issues, enhancements, or updates in ClayHR’s functioning are immediately updated to the organization for effective working.