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Finance Corporation in Ghana

Industry             -      Finance

Location             -      Ghana

Employees        -      251 to 500

Modules             -      Talent Acquisition, Performance                                    Reviews, Core HCM.

About Our Client

A prominent player in the finance sector with headquarters in Ghana and between 251 and 500 people as the current employee range, required a streamlined and simplified procedure to keep an accurate record of employee performance, employee expenses,  employee time, and employee attendance.

Absence Of Onboarding Process

The organization needed proper and streamlined processes for onboarding. The HR managers had to carry out the onboarding process manually. From collecting the documents of the new joiners to assigning them training, everything was done manually which was highly time-consuming.

No/Inefficient Performance Management

Every employee working at the organization was putting in their best to bring out the desired results. However, there was no systemized approach to achieving the set goals for the employees. Additionally, no the organization had no recognition as none of the employees’ performance and goals were streamlined. There were no set criteria to record and trace the performance of the employees.

Inaccurate PTO Leave Management

The organization did not have any sorted method of keeping track of the PTO leave requests of the employees. Because of this, the fellow members were unaware of the employees’ absence and presence and failed to complete the tasks due to their dependency on others.

Unmanaged Timesheets & Workflows

The concerned managers at the organization did not know about the time spent by the employees on a particular task as there was no aligned process to track the same. In addition to this, the organization lacked workflow management. Unmanaged

Lacked Proper Asset & Expense Management

There was no accurate record of which asset was assigned to whom and did not have any proper record of the maintenance. Additionally, none of the expenses of the employees were recorded systematically. There was no accuracy which further led to delayed reimbursements.

Talent Acquisition: Onboarding & Employee Workflow

ClayHR’s easy-to-navigate system allows the organization to streamline the employee onboarding experience. From adding relevant documents to assigning and completing training or even e-signing the documents, everything’s an easy task with ClayHR.

Performance Reviews: Check-Ins, Smart Goals, Objectives & Key Results

With ClayHR’s absolute performance management solution, organizations will get an easy-to-understand approach wherein the organizational managers and employees can set and track the goals of a particular time period. Also, when required the employees will receive instant feedback on their performance, increasing employee satisfaction, engagement, and results.

Core HCM: Expense Tracking, Leave Management, & Asset Management

ClayHR allows employees to manage and report business expenses effortlessly. Also, the PTO Leave requests were managed properly and accurately further keeping a comprehensive report of the same. With ClayHR, the organization manages the assets and monitors the maintenance history.

Using ClayHR, The Organization has received an aligned and streamlined way of working

  1. The organization lacked a systemized onboarding process but with ClayHR, a paperless and efficient way of hiring new employees rolls in. From collecting documents to assigning the training, everything was carried out with ease.
  2. Additionally, the organization failed to properly management for the performance of the employees. But with ClayHR, the employees were able to set their goals and track their performance accurately.
  3. Also, the organization did not have any method to keep track of the PTO leave requests, expense, and assets. To ease and organize this, ClayHR is an absolute solution with the help of which expense tracking, asset management, and PTO leave requests are managed digitally and efficiently.

Current Stage of HR Maturity

Practicing ClayHR’s comprehensive solution, Credit Union is functioning smoothly and efficiently.
Currently, the company follows a set procedure to finish every assignment. Everyone in the company, including the management and employees, operates in a streamlined and well-coordinated manner. When a new employee joins the organization, everything from data recording to maintenance is done quickly and without any inconsistency.