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Healthcare Enterprise in the United States

Industry           -          Healthcare Digital Enterprise

Location           -         United States

Employees      -          501 to 1000

Modules           -          Talent Acquisition,
                                    Employee Performance

                                    Management, Core HCM

About Our Client

Having an employee count from 501-1000, our client from the United States lacked an effective leave management system, streamlined onboarding process, employee performance management, and proper asset management. To align this process, the organizational managers were looking for an apt solution for streamlining the leave management, inaccurate asset management, and time-consuming onboarding process.

No streamlined process for onboarding the employees

Welcoming new employees to the organization becomes a highly time-consuming process as collecting and organizing the documents can be daunting. Having no streamlined process increased the efforts of the HR managers hence leading to misuse of the manpower in the organization.

Lack of employee recognition

Employees working in the organization are putting in their best efforts. But still are left unrecognized due to the lack of a systematic method for recording the performance of the employees.

Inefficient leave management system

The organization failed in managing the leaves of the employees with complete accuracy as there was no aligned process.

Lack of asset management

Managing the assets was very frustrating. There was no record of the assets and the maintenance history. None of the assets, expenses, or maintenance was done in a controlled manner.

Smooth and paperless onboarding

ClayHR’s employee onboarding process gives a seamless experience for the organization and the employees. From hiring to assigning training or e-signing, every activity will be carried out smoothly through this function.

Performance reviews – check-ins, feedback, and kudos

With ClayHR’s easy-to-understand dashboard, the organization can track and record the performance of the employees in an organized and ordered manner. Also, the organizational managers have easy access to the reports as and when required.

Core HCM – leave management

ClayHR’s automated HCM solution is a savior for the organization. This robust solution is an easy and accurate leave management system. The organizational managers can create PTO policies and allow the employees to request time off. In this, there is a specifically designed approval flow that allows them to approve or reject leave requests.

With the solutions provided by ClayHR, the organization has got an aligned way of working

  1. The organization lacked a proper process for welcoming new employees. By collecting their documents and organizing them everything was earlier done manually. But with ClayHR the tasks have become easier and more accurate.
  2. In addition, there was no proper management of the PTO leave requests of the employees. But with the extensive leave management system of ClayHR accuracy and management increased.

Current Stage of HR Maturity

With ClayHR, the organization is working in an organized and streamlined manner. All the involved groups; the HR managers, organizational managers, and employees work efficiently and effectively with ClayHR’s automated solution. Initially, Simplify Healthcare started with PTO and workflow implementation. Post which it added performance management, hiring, and projects. And now, it is planning to implement the skills and goals module as well.