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Why ClayHR Over BambooHR?

Hyper Configurable & Scalable

Unlike BambooHR, ClayHR is a highly configurable HCM Software. ClayHR allows you to run your organization in the way you want to, not the way you have to. Whether you run an organization with a small workforce or a big workforce, Being a hyper scalable HCM software ClayHR fulfills all your organizational needs.

BambooHR may be a good choice for small organizations with up to 50 employees, but as everyone starts an organization with a vision to expand their workforce as much as possible sooner or later, BambooHR is not the right choice for such visionary employers.

Highly Intuitive UI & UX

Unlike BambooHR, ClayHR comes with a highly interactive and user-friendly interface that makes the user experience seamless. ClayHR’s intuitive UI makes the software easy to use even for non-technical users. Moreover, the customer support team is always there to guide you through the available options.

Owing to the complex interface, BambooHR is difficult to set up due to the software’s complicated UI. Moreover, no instant messaging support makes the use of software tedious for less tech-savvy users.

Features that you may or may not be aware of, but their absence keeps you away from improving your HR processes:

Absolute Mobile-friendliness

ClayHR has developed an intelligible and comprehensive mobile app for mobile users considering the rapidly increasing number of mobile users. Your workforce can stay connected from anywhere and at any time through their mobile devices. The app comes with a variety of modules including Skills, Document Library, Allocations, Projects, etc.

BambooHR’s mobile-friendliness has been an issue for its mobile users. Moreover, BambooHR’s mobile application is far from being intuitive & interactive.

Robust Data Integrations

ClayHR is an open API data platform with rich data integrations to external systems. ClayHR integrations with top third-party applications enable you to work the way you prefer. ClayHR integrates with 100+ other solutions, so you can build your own working environment to fit your needs.

BambooHR has very limited integration solutions. The HCM software does not even allow integration with QuickBooks that plays a vital role in making account management seamless.

Timely & Empathetic Customer Support

Unlike BambooHR, ClayHR provides 24*7 hours of live chat support. Well-equipped and skilled executives with sound knowledge of software are always available to assist the customers. This is one of the considerable attributes that makes a software reliable and ClayHR outperforms its competitors in providing timely and empathetic support to customers.

Along with email, phone, tickets, and live support, ClayHR also provides training support to their customers that BambooHR doesn’t. Moreover, BambooHR offers support only during US working hours.

Bottom line

The most repeated drawbacks of BambooHR include the absence of some crucial functions:

  • Inability to customize report filters.
  • In the Performance Module, more than one performance review cycle is not available at a time.
  • Goal management has a limitation i.e. we can not nest goals with different units.
  • The software lacks mobile-friendliness that makes the use of software a little tedious for mobile users.
  • Applicant Tracking is Limited and rigid.

As every company has a unique HR process, so an HCM software must be configurable enough to fit the companies’ organizational needs and ClayHR allows you to create new sections and areas almost anywhere in the application, you can create and model your own business processes.
In addition, 24*7 live customer support, 15+ languages support, and service in 160+ countries are a few of the key differentiators that set ClayHR apart from its competitors.

Ask these 3 questions before making your decision to buy any HCM

  • How capable is HCM software in managing the performance of your growing team effectively?
  • Does HCM software provide methods to analyze and cover the employees’ skill gaps?
  • Does HCM software empower employees to navigate their career plans to ensure continued self-development?

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“Data on features are taken directly from related websites and marketing materials as of May 2023. Information and features are subject to change in the future”.