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Why ClayHR Over Zoho People?

ClayHR is a highly configurable and robust HCM Software. Whether you run an organization with a small workforce or a big workforce, being a hyper-scalable HCM software ClayHR accomplishes all your organizational needs.

Zoho People might be a good choice but their integrations are not streamlined. For every individual need, you have to buy a different page. Whereas, ClayHR provides you with all integration in one software. Additionally, unlike Zoho People, ClayHR provides bulk performance reviews, with many other unique features that are added in the table below. Use these key capabilities to determine which software package works best for your organization.

Ask these 3 questions before making your decision to buy any HCM

  • How capable is HCM software in managing the performance of your growing team effectively?
  • Does HCM software provide methods to analyze and cover the employees’ skill gaps?
  • Does HCM software empower employees to navigate their career plans to ensure continued self-development?

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“Data on features are taken directly from related websites and marketing materials as of May 2023. Information and features are subject to change in the future”.