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Smart Continuous Performance Management (SCPM) Paradigm - Best Practices

Thursday, May 25, 2023 @ 10 A.M. EDT

Smart continuous performance management (SCPM) is an approach to performance management that emphasizes ongoing feedback, coaching, and development, rather than annual or periodic reviews. SCPM leverages technology to facilitate regular communication between employees and managers, and provides real-time data and insights to guide performance improvement.

SCPM typically involves setting clear performance goals and expectations, tracking progress regularly, and providing feedback and coaching in real-time. This approach allows managers to identify performance gaps early and take corrective action before they become major issues. It also provides employees with more frequent and meaningful feedback, which can help them to develop their skills and achieve their goals more effectively.

SCPM may also involve using data analytics and machine learning to identify patterns and trends in performance data, allowing managers to identify areas of strength and weakness across their team or organization. This can help to inform decisions around talent development, succession planning, and performance improvement initiatives.

Overall, SCPM is designed to create a more agile and responsive approach to performance management, and to foster a culture of continuous improvement and development.


  • Commonly used performance management scales to evaluate employee performance
  • How to choose the right rating scale for performance review
  • Build your own custom scales for performance review
  • How to calculate a performance review score with a rating scale


Smart Continuous Performance Management (SCPM) Paradigm - Best Practices

Shirley Omari

Award winning HR & Career Coach @ Oracleedge
Smart Continuous Performance Management (SCPM) Paradigm - Best Practices

Doreen Baffoe

Lead Coach & Trainer @ Branchout Africa
Smart Continuous Performance Management (SCPM) Paradigm - Best Practices

Elena Correas

Chief Growth Officer @ ClayHR‍

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