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What's New | April 07, 2023

Enhanced Financial Permissions

We have now enabled granular permissions to view financial information related to compensation, benefits, paystubs, awards, and banking information.  You can grant the respective permissions independently, and they have been upgraded to be advanced permissions. This means that you can now grant these permissions based on org unit, location, and reporting.

Post Once, Reach Widely - With ClayHR and Indeed

With the enhanced ClayHR-Indeed integration, you can broaden your candidate pool and optimize your recruitment efforts. In just a few clicks, you can automatically post your job vacancies on Indeed and increase your visibility. Whenever a job seeker applies through Indeed, all their relevant details are automatically added to a candidate record in ClayHR, providing you with a comprehensive view of their application. Additionally, the candidate status is synchronized between ClayHR and Indeed, meaning any updates made in ClayHR are automatically reflected on the Indeed Job board. This makes it easier than ever to manage your recruitment process and stay on top of all your candidates' progress. If you have not 
                                                                                                                                                       yet turned on this integration, please get in touch with                                                                                                                                                        your account manager.

Don't Let Overdue Performance Reviews Go Unnoticed: Keep Your Process on Track with Our Reminder Notifications

Timely completion of your performance review is crucial for your organization and your employees' morale. Meeting deadlines could be challenging sometimes. This lets your manager send you a gentle nudge in the form of a manual reminder notification for any past-due performance review dates. With just a simple click on the message icon in the status column of your review, everything will be back on track. It's that effortless! Not only this, you can also create your own personalized message templates for these notifications. Create message templates here: Go to Settings/Gear Icon > Forms, Workflows, and Templates > Click on Templates from the Left Panel > Click on "Message Templates" > Click on "New Template."

Bulk Invitations: Your Shortcut to Filling Open Positions Faster

Inviting each candidate to the job board one by one can be exhausting (or fun, but then who has time for that much fun). That’s why we have a new feature that lets you send invitations in bulk. This way, you can speed up your hiring process and save time. You can effectively manage your time and dedicate more of it towards finding the best talent for your organization. With bulk invitations, you can fill your open positions faster and make your hiring process more efficient and effective.

Never Miss a Beat: Stay on Top of Time Tracking with Geofencing

Geofencing lets you define a virtual boundary around a real-world geographic area. And now, you can take advantage of this with ease through our mobile application. Gone are the days of guessing who is where and whether or not they are on the clock. With our application's geofencing capabilities, you can define the geofence radius on the web and assign it to your employees. This ensures that only the employees who are physically present within the geofenced area will be able to clock in and clock out through the mobile application. Now we know that not everything always goes according to plan. That's why we have also given you the option to allow your employees to clock in even when they are outside the geofence radius. If an employee does clock in outside the geofence, the flag associated with that clock-in will alert you to the fact that they are not physically within the defined boundary.

Empower Your Employees With the Exact Level of Admin Access They Need Through Our “Setup Administration” Permission

With the new "Setup Administration" permission, your employees can access the settings and help you configure all the modules, without being able to access employee data.  This allows them to configure the modules, but with a few restrictions that differentiate them from site admins. For example, they are not able to use user impersonation, and their access to the admin tab will be limited. It's important to note that only site admins have the ability to perform actions like using next/previous on the employee record page, viewing email history on the admin tab, and configuring the app menu, among other things.

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