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What's New | December 06, 2022

Region-Specific Salary Bands

Job profiles are critical for defining work requirements, requisite abilities, degrees, and other job-related skills. You can now create region-specific salary bands. This is useful for multinational firms with offices in numerous places, it allows you to establish a single job profile with distinct salary bands for each location, making a centralized approach simple for such organizations.

Additional Form Visibility Options

Forms allow you to systematically gather information for recruiting, offboarding, and other HR practices.  However, some forms that pertain to employee’s record may not need to be visible to them.  The “hidden forms” feature allows you to do exactly that!  An example use case can be related to an employee’s offboarding process.

Read more about forms here: https://www.bizmerlin.com/forms/

New Permission: Project & Allocation Module Administration

This permission allows you to be the admin of the project and allocation module whether you are a site admin or not. This is useful if you don’t want a certain employee to be the site admin but still need that employee to have access to all the project and allocation module modifications that could be made.

Read more about workforce planning here:https://www.bizmerlin.com/workforce-planning/

Delete Offer Letter Drafts

Personalized offer letter templates help you stay in sync with the company’s culture and needs, enhancing candidate engagement. This feature now allows you to delete draft offer letters; however, if the offer letter has already been sent to candidates, they will still be able to fill out their responses.

Read more about offer letter management here: https://www.bizmerlin.com/applicant-tracking-system/offer-letter-management/

Easily Identify Duplicate Form Assignments

Form is an essential part for any organization when it comes to easily collecting relevant information. This new form functionality allows you to add comments/guidelines to the form while assigning it to a specific employee.

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