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What's New | January 27, 2023

Unlock a New World of Talent with ClayHR and CareerJunction Integration

Maximize your reach and find the best candidates with ClayHR & CareerJunction!
In just a few clicks, you can expand your reach by automatically publishing your job positions to CareerJunction.
That’s not all—every time a candidate submits an application through CareerJunction, a candidate record is automatically created in ClayHR, with all the details you need. Streamline your recruitment process and find the best candidates faster and more efficiently than ever before.

Learn more about CareerJunction: https://www.careerjunction.co.za/

Easily Communicate with Teammates with New Comment Feature for Shift Allocation

ClayHR’s shift allocation feature now includes the ability to add comments while creating shifts. This new feature allows you to provide additional information or instructions for each shift, such as specific tasks that need to be completed. This added level of detail makes it easier for teammates to communicate important information to their team and for team members to understand exactly what is expected of them during their shifts.

Efficiently Search and Select Projects with New Searchable Drop-Down during Clock-In

Our new improvement allows you to easily search and select projects while clocking in. This streamlines the project selection process, making it more efficient and convenient. No more scrolling through a long list of projects; type in the name of the project you are working on, and it will appear in the drop-down list. This especially comes in handy when you work on multiple projects and need to switch between them frequently while logging your time.

Streamline Shift Management with Color-Coded Shift Allocation

ClayHR’s shift allocation feature now includes color coding to make it even easier to see and manage your team’s schedule. With this new addition, you can quickly identify different shifts. For example, you can assign a specific color to a morning shift, another color to an evening shift, and so on. This will allow you to easily spot any conflicts or gaps in the schedule at a glance. Additionally, you can also use color coding to differentiate between different org units or locations within your organization. This added visual element makes it even simpler to manage and allocate shifts, ensuring your team is always properly scheduled and ready to work.

Easily Identify External Surveys on Survey Homepage

You can always create surveys for both internal employees and external candidates and have them all in one place, making it easier to track and improve your survey efforts.
Introducing the new external survey indicator on the ClayHR survey homepage. Stay organized by easily identifying external surveys. Now With the external survey indicator, you will never get lost on the survey homepage again.

Read more about surveys here:


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