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What’s New | November 04, 2022

Workflows – Status-Specific Steps

BizMerlinHR’s paperless workflows allow you to streamline onboarding/offboarding processes and checklists. This enhancement has all three statuses (To do, In progress, and Completed) selected by default. You can, however, select any status at your convenience and see the filtered corresponding steps.

Read more about workflows here: https://www.clayhr.com/employee-workflow-management/

Hassle-free Check-In Consolidations

Check-in plays a vital role when it comes to triggering the team’s growth, keeping the team members engaged, informed, and motivated. When clicking on the ‘complete check-in’, you can choose to auto-consolidate your check-in, in real-time. Minimize the friction from the check-ins, and make them what they are really about – a conversation between the team members.

Read more about check-ins here: https://www.clayhr.com/check-ins/

Robust Candidate Recommendations

Undoubtedly, finding the perfect candidate is not an overnight task. But, ClayHR eases this process by providing certain system recommendations (such as positive, neutral, and negative) against the assessment score of the candidates.

Improved Survey Management

Surveys have been a core part of ClayHR’s Voice of Employee system. HR professionals want to produce interesting surveys that are both easy to fill out and visually appealing. You can now delete the surveys at any stage, such as published, drafted, or archived if you no longer need them. However, be cautious because deleting the survey will also delete all data collected from the audience to whom it was assigned to.

Real-time Clock-in/out from Homepage

Clocking in/out and time tracking have always been prominent features of ClayHR. You need not go to “My Timesheets” to clock-in/out. The new enhancement allows you to clock-in/out from the home screen itself, ensuring that you don’t waste an extra second.

Read more about timesheets here:https://www.clayhr.com/time-attendance/

SMS Notifications for Performance Reviews

Earlier, the notification was only sent via email. But now having a more streamlined performance review process, you can notify the employee whenever the performance review is assigned via SMS, email, or both. Furthermore, this will benefit a wide range of industries, including hospitality, which do not often have dedicated professional email addresses.
To receive performance review assignment notifications via SMS, an employee should navigate to:
Profile Icon > My Preferences > Notifications Preferences > Performance Review Notifications > Choose SMS

Read more about performance reviews here:

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