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What's New | November 24, 2022

Workflows – Advanced Setting based on Dependent Step and Due Date

Workflows save a lot of time by optimizing the most common HR tasks. You can now set the availability dates of specific steps! You can also set the child step to become active when a parent step is completed. Or, you can set a specific number of days, after completion of the parent step when the child step should become available.

Read more about workflows here: https://www.bizmerlin.com/employee-workflow-management/

New Visualization – Gauss Graph

Report visualizations always help transform your organizational data into actionable insights. Gauss graph is precisely what is needed when you talk about the performance review or performance appraisal for any employee. This new visualization allows you to identify the top performers and underperformers. Not only that, but you can plan appropriate training for underperforming employees based on Gauss graph visualization.

Read more about other visualizations here: https://www.bizmerlin.com/different-types-of-report-visualizations/

Auto Formatting in Reports

Color-coding your report columns allows the important information to stand out to your audience. Because drawing attention to critical details saves time and creates action. You can now use automatic formatting to color code all the information in a specific column, which makes interpretation easier and more accurate.

Read more about real-time people analytics here: https://www.bizmerlin.com/real-time-people-analytics/

Custom Profile Picture

You can now personalize your profile by selecting appropriate avatars as profile pictures. You can select an avatar that best represents your personality, making it easier for colleagues to connect with you.

New Survey Input Type – Flat Button

HR practitioners always want to create surveys that require minimalist efforts. Considering this, the new ‘flat button’ input type designs an easy approach that adds another option to incorporate information and insights from your employees.

Read more about surveys: https://www.bizmerlin.com/retention-management/voice-of-employee/

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