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What’s New | October 21, 2022

Improved Profile Picture Uploader

It always helps to include an image with a name on an employee’s profile. It helps to connect with coworkers. We have added more avatar options for employees that don’t have profile pictures yet.

Form Input Type – More support for “Other” option

You already use ClayHR’s digital forms to reduce the time it takes to collect data for recruiting, onboarding, and other HR functions. Now, you can add a field called “other” to radio buttons that, when selected, enables you to provide text as input for the person filling out the form.

SEEK Integration

When you post a job on the SEEK portal, any applicant who applies for that job, the magical merlin (of BizMerlinHR (now known as ClayHR) fame), will automatically create a candidate record on the candidate’s home page. The system will easily retrieve the user’s educational background, professional qualifications, licenses, and skills. If the candidate’s information is already in ClayHR, it will be updated.

Read more about SEEK here

Gift Cards

Using ClayHR’s fully customizable and personalized gift card solution, it is now easier than ever to recognize and thank your employees for special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries, and formal events like bonuses and sales incentives. You can keep tabs on every award you give in one location.
Navigate to the Gear/Setup icon > Your Account and Billing Information > Add-Ons > Enable Toggle “Gift Card Awards”

Three-Dots Menu

ClayHR offers role-specific, pre-defined user dashboards that allow you to present complicated information in simple graphs, charts, and visualizations. Now the three-dot menu on the dashboard’s individual reports gives you the flexibility to refresh, print, and download reports depending on their type.

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