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What’s New | September 9, 2022

Candidate Background Screening

Hire with confidence using background screening powered by CompuFACT!
Background checks can be overwhelming, and when it comes to your workplace, one important factor is the people around you. However, there is an option to integrate ClayHR with CompuFACT’s pre-employment background check service.

Read more about CompuFACT here

Dr.Job Integration

Expand your candidate sourcing, and make hiring simpler!
Candidates are present in many different job portals, and by automatically publishing your job positions to Dr.Job, you expand your reach and get more quality candidates. Every time a candidate submits an application through the Dr.job portal, a candidate record is automatically created in ClayHR along with complete details.

Read more about Dr. Job here

New Permission – Compensation Proposal Approver

Simplify your compensation management processes by distributing the approval steps.  You can assign this new permission to everyone who needs to approve or reject compensation proposals only and centralize the process of creation and execution in the hands of your finance / HR teams.

Email Notification – While updating User Record

Employee records that are up-to-date are vital for any organization, and you have been accomplishing this with ClayHR for years. Additionally, you can now send an email notification when you want to notify someone of employee record updates.  You get to choose what goes in the notification, and who receives it.

Flat Button Input Type for Engaging Employee Surveys

Surveys have been a core part of ClayHR’s Voice of Employee system.  HR practitioners want to create engaging surveys that are both easy to fill, and easy on the eyes.  The new “flat button” input type allows you to do precisely that!  Now you have yet another option to mix and match and gather insights from your employees.

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