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Streamline Your Job Application Process

Connect the Right Talent to the Right Opportunity


Establish Your Internal Talent Marketplace

Post vacancies internally on your ClayHR employment board to demonstrate openness and fairness in the recruiting process. Create your own ITM to enable managers to quickly allocate the right resources for projects.

Inform Potential Hires about your Business

Consider both skillset and mindset to find the ideal individual. Provide information about your company's mission and team on ClayHR Job Board to help candidates understand your corporate culture before they apply.


Hiring a good candidate does not happen by accident. It happens
by choosing good recruitment solution.


Self-Service Portal for Candidates

Grant candidates access to the self-service portal. Enhance their journey by letting them browse job postings, create profiles, fill out forms, upload documents, take tests, and track application status and interview schedules.

Automate Job Updates on Careers Page

Quickly and effectively update job openings through our publishing tool. Avoid the redundant procedure of generating and manually listing it on your company's career page.


Streamline your talent acquisition process, right from sourcing to onboarding

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Manage all of your employee information in one place

Organize and centralize your HR database, eliminate the need for paperwork and make it available to you whenever you need it.
Gain helpful insights using Anonymous Employee Surveys

Get an actual understanding of what is really going on within the organization through Anonymous Employee Surveys.
Drive employee development with trainings

Analyze the team’s delicacies, empower them with expertise and skills through a robust training plan that suits their individual performance trends.