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Inbuilt Reference Checks

Supplement your hiring decisions with inbuilt reference checking

Launch Reference Checks with Just One Click

There is no better way to learn about your applicants but from those who have already worked with them.  ClayHR’s inbuilt reference feedback mechanism provides you an easy mechanism to conduct reference checks for your applicants.

Introduce an Additional Layer of Validation

The various evaluation and assessment tools existing within the system already give you a fair idea of the candidate’s suitability. Based on reference feedbacks, you make hiring decisions more confidently.

Minimize Wrong Hires

The success of your hiring decisions depends on the quality of your data. Our reference checks present you with accurate information garnered from the right sources, thus empowering you to hire the right candidate every time.

Reduce Operational Costs

Conducting reference checks manually consumes a lot of time and effort. ClayHR’s Reference Checks help eliminate the wasteful practice of manually calling and emailing reliable sources over and over again so that some meaningful information can be collected about the candidate.

Enjoy speed and comfort. With a single click, you complete the entire reference verification process.

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