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Creating Custom Fields

ClayHR allows you to create custom fields in a number of different modules and sections so you can track all those details and information that are relevant to you!

  1. Go to top right gear icon or “Set up” menu
  2. Scroll down and click on “Organization Setup”
  3. Go to “Custom Fields”
  4. Click on “New Custom Field” button
  5. Fill in “Field Name” . The system will automatically generate a “Field Code” but you can change it at your convenience
  6. Custom field type: You can choose what type of new field you would like among the following options:
    a. Check box
    b. Dropdown menu
    c. Radio button
    d. Text area
    e. Text box
  1. Custom field location: The “Object Type” field will allow you to choose the module and/or section where this custom field will display:
    a. Account
    b. Asset
    c. Candidate
    d. Contact
    e. Goal
    f. Invoice
    g. Order
    h. Position
    i. Project
    j. Project Area
    k. Project Milestone
    l. Performance Feedback
    m. Resource Allocation
    o. Task
    p. Resource
  1. Format field: Need to highlight this field in a particular way? You can format the style of this field choosing color, bold and/or italics!
  1. Custom field permissions: You can manage who has permissions to fill in this new field:
    a. Go to “Advanced Settings” and select the users that are allowed to: (1) all users, (2) only admins, (3) a specific user group

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