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Google Workspace (G Suite) – ClayHR Integration

Getting information from G Suite (Prerequisites)

Follow the below steps for setting up Google OAuth for your G Suite account.

  • Log in to your Google API console account. Make sure you log in with your G Suite administrator account.

Creating a Project

  • Once you have logged in to your account, click on the Select Project button on the top menu bar. Select your organization and click on the New Project button, as shown in the below screenshot.

  • In the next step, enter the desired project name and choose a location and click Create to proceed further.

A sample screenshot of the settings is shown below.

Enabling Gmail API

  • Next, search for Gmail API in the search console of the dashboard. Make sure you have selected your project from the Project drop-down list.
  • Once the Gmail API is found click on the search result to proceed.
  • Click on the Enable button to enable the Gmail API for your project.

Creating Credentials

  • On the Credentials page, click Create credentials > OAuth client ID.
  • You may be prompted to set a product name on the Consent screen; if so, click Configure consent screen, supply the requested information, and click Save to return to the Credentials screen.
  • Select the Web application as the Application type.
  • Fill in the form and click Create. Here we must specify authorized redirect URLI. The redirect URLIs are the endpoints to which the OAuth 2.0 server can send responses. Redirect-URL will be: “”
  • After creating the credentials, copy the client id and secret values. These values can be used for authorizing the user.

Link G Suite in your ClayHR account

  1. Go to the top right “Setup” menu and scroll down then click on “Third Party Integrations”: Setup-> Third Party Integrations.
  2. On the Third-Party Integrations page, click on the button “New Integration” and select Integration Type “SSO” and choose “G Suite”.
  3. On the next screen, fill in the following details:
  • Consumer Key ( Application (client) ID from G Suite Credentials )
  • Consumer Secret ( Client Secret from G Suite Credentials )
  • Domain Name ( Enter your email domain )
  • On ClayHR App Login Page

Log in with G Suite and use Google Account to Log In.

If the user’s email domain is matched with the domain entered in third party integration, then the user can log in directly in ClayHR.

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