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User Record Approval Preferences

As an Self Service Employee/User Portal, Employees or Users will be able to make or request changes to parts of their own records and personal information. That is the case, for example, of:

  • Addresses
  • Dependents
  • Emergency Contacts

Because changes in these fields might have implications to other processes, or systems (like Payroll processing, for instance) you can control if these changes can be done at all or if they require approval (from HR, or any other relevant profile).

How to setup your approval preferences

  1. Go to the top right Setup menu
  2. Go to User & Employee Portal link
  3. Go to the Approval Preferences tab
  4. Select one of the three preferences are available:
  5. Auto Approval: All Users are authorized to add/update/delete their own details. No approval is required.
  6. Not Editable: Only authorized Users can add/update/delete the information.
  7. Approval Required:  Users can add/update information but for these changes to take effect, edits need to be approved.

Who can approve changes to the Address, Dependents and Emergency Contacts of Users Records?

Site Admins can approve edits to Address, Dependents and Emergency Contacts submitted by Employees/Users. Additionally members of User Groups that have these set of permissions enabled will be able to approve these changes.

Who can see the Address, Dependents and Emergency Contact sections in Employee’s Records?

  1. Users with Extended User Profile View permission can see Dependents, Emergency Contacts and Address sections with Approved records only.
  2. Employees/Users will be able to see these sections without any additional permission.

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