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ClayHR's "Proof of Value" Approach

Visualize the Solution in Your Context

Using ClayHR’s trademark “Proof of Value” approach, you get to visualize exactly how the ClayHR system will work in your context, using your data and your processes.

Using this proof of value approach decreases your risk of acquiring technology that does not fully satisfy your users. Further, by building a small set of use cases, you give your team the confidence and trust that the technology is already working for them.

The ClayHR account management team has mastered this approach, having  perfected and successfully implemented this for hundreds of other customers.  Use those lessons and processes to comfortably implement your HR system and processes.

Here is the Proof of Value process in brief.

1. Start With a No-Cost Consultation

In your free consultation with a certified HR Solutions expert, you get to discuss your key HR initiatives and roadblocks with our experts and get an opportunity to learn the HR best practices, and explore how ClayHR can help your HR team

2. Needs-Specific Trial Account

We build your customized dashboards, employee onboarding workflows, performance review process, review cycles, onboarding templates, employee survey forms, and more.

3. Quick Implementation and Set-up Support

ClayHR offers dedicated Implementation and Setup Support that you can use right away, or as soon as you launch new modules. Moreover, ClayHR is intuitive and user-friendly, so feel free to make changes by yourself if you like!

4. Seamless Data Migration

ClayHR enables seamless and secured migration of your data. No matter how large the data is, ClayHR’s accelerated data migration system moves the data expeditiously and diligently.

5. Account Manager to Empower Your HR Team

For ClayHR, you are not an anonymous client, our customers are our pride. ClayHR allocates a dedicated account manager who coordinates with your HR team and shares best practices and solutions based on your needs.

6. Embedded Live Chat Support

ClayHR provides 24*7 hours of live chat support. Well-equipped and skilled executives with sound knowledge of software are always available to assist the customers.

Discuss your organization’s HR needs with an expert