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Effortless Expense Management

Revolutionizing Processes with Auto Scan Technology

 Expense Autoscan
Save time with auto scan
Spare yourself from the grind of manual tasks—let auto scan do the heavy lifting. Ensure accuracy effortlessly, free from the risk of human errors. 
Avoid errors, go auto scan
Say goodbye to the headaches of errors with the power of auto scan. No more slip-ups—just reliable, precise data processing with ClayHR.
Instantly upload scanned documents
After scanning, automatically upload documents for quick access and seamless organization. Keep everything in one place effortlessly.

Scan Smarter, Work Faster: Your Documents, Instantly Organized!

Streamline and Simplify Expense Tracking

Bid farewell to the arduous task of manually inputting or copying details from receipts as Expense Auto Scan effortlessly transforms them into accurate and organized expense entries with just a few clicks.

Forget about the Image Formats!

No more format hassles – whether it's a JPEG, PNG, PDF, or TIFF file, our intelligent scanning technology seamlessly extracts and interprets essential information.

Minimize the Risk of Manual Errors

The impact of Expense Auto Scan goes beyond time-saving; it's about precision and adaptability. By eliminating manual data entry, the feature minimizes the risk of human errors, ensuring the accuracy of your expense records.