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What's New | December 16, 2022

Automated Trial Activation

ClayHR allows you to request a trial for any module from within the app. This lets you explore other modules as needed. The moment you request a new module’s trial, it is instantly enabled. You and your account manager both will get email notifications for trial activation.

Go to Settings/Gear Icon > Your Account and Billing Information > Modules & Add-Ons

Improved Settings for Candidate Portal

In today’s competitive job market, innovative recruitment strategies are required to identify suitable candidates and fill openings quickly. ClayHR’s candidate portal allows you to do precisely that!
This new enhancement enables you to open up the same position to applicants who have already submitted applications after a certain period of time. By understanding what your company expects, the same applicant can be better prepared for the same role.

Read more about the candidate portal here:


New Permission: Workflow Module Administration

This permission allows you to be the workflow module’s admin whether or not you are a site admin. This is useful if you don’t want a certain employee to be the site admin but still need that employee to view all types of workflows under the setup menu and manage (create, edit, delete, and assign) workflow templates.

Read more about employee workflow management here:


Recommended Reports

Reports are an integral part of all HR functions. ClayHR reports enable you to see all data in one place, which gets updated as you make changes to the information. This new feature in reports recommends the most likely reports that already exist in the system based on columns name, reports section, and report opening frequency. This can save a lot of time if the required or similar report already exists, which you can see or you can always create a new report based on your needs.

Read more about real-time people analytics here:


Workflows – Send an Email to a User Group

ClayHR’s workflows allow your employees’ experience to be seamless and memorable. With workflows now you can save even more time. Instead of creating an individual step for sending an email to a certain set of people. Now you can create one step and choose a user group to which you want to send an email.

Read more about employee workflow management here: https://www.clayhr.com/employee-workflow-management/

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