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What’s New | July 29, 2022

Timesheet Approval Flow

The timesheet approval flow can be assigned to any employee directly from the employee record page, and it will be assigned at the employee level, overriding the default approval flow.

Read more about timesheets:

New Permission: Award Manage

This permission gives you the ability to create, edit, delete or download awards for users based on filters like Org Unit, Location, and Reporting.

Improved Drag and Drop of Workflow Steps

You can now drag and drop the workflow step across phases! Drag and drop a step into the phase where it is needed rather than deleting it and creating a new replica of it in the other phase.

Offer Letter Response Automation (Yippee!)

When you send an offer letter to a candidate, or a candidate responds to it, the Merlin (of the BizMerlinHR fame) will automatically capture and update the candidate status on the candidate record page (positions section).

Read more about offer letter management:

Refer a Candidate from Mobile App

You can refer a candidate for any open position in the organization from your mobile app. Download the Android app here and the iOS app here.

Images in Email Template

Designers rejoice! When creating a new email template or updating an existing one, you can now insert images.

To create a new email template:
Go to settings/Gear Icon > Forms,Workflows & Template > Select Templates > Message Templates

Expense Approval/Rejection Reason

When you approve or reject a user’s submitted expense with a reason, the reason is now included in the user’s email notification.

Read more about expense management:

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