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Considerations on Performance Review Templates & How to create?


Performance review templates play a vital role in helping you to automate and streamline the performance review process for your organization. Performance review templates include the collection of indicators and/or metrics that will be used to assess the performance of the individuals. These metrics can be organized into different sections. Single template vs. differentiated/segmented  performance review templates. There is no limit to the number of templates you can have in the system.  Depending on the purpose of the assessment process, the culture of the organization, and other factors, some organizations opt for one single template that applies to all individuals. Just as commonly, other organizations differentiate the metrics and templates to use depending on the department, role, job profile, location, etc. Differentiating the content based on the reviewer type. Another source of variation in the assessment process may come from the type of reviewer. Are all metrics/indicators meant for all the types of reviewers to be completed? Do peers answer the same questions as managers? Does the self-review cover the same indicators as those of the direct reports? Define the Section Accessibility.

How to create a Performance Review Template

To create a Performance Review Template:

  1. In the top Menu "Performance", click on "Templates" under "Performance Reviews".
  2. Click on the "New Template" button
  3. Give it a name and description.
  4. Optionally, you can specify a period of performance.
  5. Click on "Save"
  6. To create the template's content  click on the "+Add Section" and "+New Item" links accordingly
  7. Fill in the required fields of "Sections", "Metric", "Description", "Weight", "Assessment template"
  8. Click the "Save" button to save the template.

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