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One Performance Review, Different Templates for Multiple Types of Reviewers

ClayHR allows you to assign the same template for all types of reviewers so they all complete the same questions/metrics/comments, or to target different questions/metrics/comments to different types of reviewers (self-reviews, peer reviews, supervisors, etc.) Refer to the following article to learn more about how to create or edit a performance review template. To assign different sections to different types of reviewers:

  1. Create a new performance review template, or go to an existing one
  2. On the section that is exclusive to a certain kind of reviewer, click on the “Section Edit” icon located at the right of the section title box
  3. In the pop-up window, specify the Accessibility button:
  4. Everyone
  5. Self Review
  6. Peer Review
  7. Supervisors
  8. Direct Reports
  9. Other Review

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