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Speak with a ClayHR Reference

We are so glad for you to join us

As part of your final implementation planning steps, you may be interested in speaking with a customer to understand their implementation and user experience.  We are happy to facilitate the contact, and invite you to be a part of this vibrant customer community.

Time is Money (Really!)

Your time is valuable, as is the time of our customers.  For that reason, we facilitate this contact in advanced stages of implementation planning only.  We ensure that the person you speak with is in a senior leadership position and/or has been a part of the customer’s implementation team.  We invite you to connect with the customer, and be mindful of their time.

Email? Phone? Signal?

Different customers may prefer to communicate via different channels – email, phone, etc.  We request you to respect their preference, as well as, please be sensitive to their ability to share confidential information.

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