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Objective Progress

The progress bar in OKRs depicts the progress of an objective. It gives the user a visual indicator of how much of the objective is achieved. It enhances user experience by providing a sense of control over a time-consuming task.

Quantitative and Qualitative Progress

  • Quantitative Progress: In instances where the objective is quantitative, i.e. can be measured, the progress bar is displayed. The progress bar will show the average progress of all the key results.
  • Qualitative Progress: These objectives do not require quantitative progress but only the status, such as ‘In Progress’, ‘Completed’ etc. is shown.

How to Set an Objective’s Progress as Quantitative or Qualitative

  1. By default, all objectives are quantitative, i.e. the progress bar is shown. The progress bar will be visible on the user view page under the Goals/Objective tab and on the Objectives home page.
  1. Suppose an objective does not track quantitative progress. The user can then mark it as a qualitative objective, and hide the progress bar, by clicking on the ‘edit icon’ on the objective view page and selecting the ‘hide’ radio button in the ‘Show the Progress Bar’ field.
  1. After selecting the ‘hide’ radio button and saving the updates, the progress bar won’t be visible on the objective view page, the user view page under the Goals/Objective tab, and the objectives home page.

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