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Getting Started 101: Setting up ClayHR for your Organization

Welcome to ClayHR!

Please, find below, some simple steps to get your system up and running!

10-60 minute General Setup

  1. Set up your Company Logo and Color Scheme: customize the look of ClayHR so it feels just like home.
  2. Define the context of your organization: define some basics like: departments, general profiles and roles - Creating these in advance will help optimize the process of creating/importing new users.
  3. Create Custom Fields - Customize ClayHR to your specific information needs: want to track emergency contacts, license numbers,... you name it. Depending on your specific needs, this can take from 2 minutes to a couple of hours... You can take a look now, and create custom fields later as you go.
  4. Manage Access and Permissions: make sure your employees see only what is relevant to them and customize the level of access and permissions to functions and information. Depending on who and how many employees you invite to the system during your trial, you might not need to set this up. However, make sure to configure this when you are ready to invite your employees/users to start using the system.
  5. Create or Import Users: create your employee records now. You can invite them to use the platform right away as well, or do that later when things are all set up.
  6. Invite your users to ClayHR via an announcement and ensure that the first wave of users can successfully login to the system.  If you are using Microsoft Azure AD, GSuite or Okta as your single sign on (SSO) provider, you can simply enable that under "Setup -> Third Party Integrations -> SSO Login"

Module Specific Setup

  1. On Boarding: Getting Started
  2. PTO and Leave Management: Getting Started
  3. Performance Reviews: Getting Started
  4. Hiring and Applicant Tracking System
  5. Forms: Getting Started
  6. Workflows: Getting Started
  7. Skills Management: Getting Started

Live Chat! And on your bottom right corner you will always find us live. You will talk to a team member to get answers right there and when your questions arise! We'd love to talk to you. Reach out!

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