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Leaner Models Demand Automation in HR

The organization everywhere are demanding leaner models and experimenting with different ideas and technological methodologies to cut down the costs. The trend for flexible hours and virtual offices to cut down their real-estate and commute related costs has given positive results and also paved a way for evolution in HR department as is evident from the 5-hr workday experiment in Germany.

Leaner HR Departments

More and more companies are now seeing the transition from big HR Departments to smaller teams handling multiple work locations. This has become possible as most of the HR activities have gone online with automated HR systems.

This transition to automated HR systems has grown by more than 53% in the last three years, and the growth is higher in the small and medium businesses. If moving to the automated HR has helped the big organizations in controlling the costs and smoother processing; it has helped the smaller organizations with the limited HR department to have the same sophistication and workflows as the bigger organizations.

Agile HR Departments

Most Human Resource Management systems these days are very smart and agile. ClayHR is a pioneer in providing the comprehensive and automated human resource management system to take care of all the end to end HR activities including hiring automation, resource allocation, performance management, financial analysis, and retention analysis.

Automate the HR Processes

Though it is very difficult to understand the value proposition of each HCM application, in general it has been found that the systems that are able to automate the recurring processes have been able to carve a place for themselves in the industry. For an organization that is hiring a lot of employees, a lot of effort can be saved by creating a workflow for employee onboarding. Once triggered, it will assign the tasks to the team members involved in onboarding and this also ensures that nothing gets missed in onboarding and organization stays compliant. Find your employee onboarding checklist here.

Another reason for the rise in the demand of having a sophisticated and automated HR system like ClayHR is the ability to go paperless. The integrations with online signing tools (DocuSign) and storing places like Dropbox make it easier for HR to get all the paperwork done on the cloud – saving signed documents and able to store the records for almost eternity.

Also, automated HR systems can work remotely for multiple locations. Automated HR software provides a centralized database where companies can store company records. As an important added benefit, automating records management and reporting gives companies access to information about compliance guidelines and regulations.

Automation in Hiring

Automation in hiring can save thousands of dollars per candidate. Whether the hiring is internal or external, the positions can be publicly shared allowing the candidates to apply online. The workflows can be customized based on each organization as the resume goes to its various lifecycle stages such as screening, telephonic sessions, in-person interviews and finally the acceptance or rejection stage.

Another point worthy of consideration is how well integrated the system is because a robust HR system will integrate with other productive tools (like Jira, Freshbooks, Quickbooks, LinkedIn) in the market to provide a holistic ecosystem in the organization. The AI-driven, automated HR system will definitely make the organization lean resulting in higher profits.

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