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What’s New | July 1, 2022

Archive Performance Review Template

When not in use, there is no need to delete the performance review template. You can just archive it, which retains the template and allows for future use.

New Award Email Preview

You can preview the email before sending it to the employee as a notification while creating a new award.

Submit Benefit Claims

There is no need to write to your HR department in order to submit a claim for any benefit to which you are eligible.

Go to Employee Record Page > Financials Tab > Benefits

Invite Employees to BizMerlinHR via SMS

Invite employees to BizMerlinHR via SMS.  This can be very useful to invite employees who do not use the corporate (or any) email address!

Audit History

You can keep track of who made changes to an employee’s record or job profile information and what those changes were. This allows you to remain in line with all previous changes.

Copy Timesheet

Save time by making a copy of the previous week’s timesheet rather than starting from scratch each week. You can always make changes before submitting.

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